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Mum Baby Set A138
Price RM138.00 RM191.00
Product SKU Mum Baby Set A138
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Package A Menu:
-Confinement Sarong x3pcs
-Confinement Hat x2pcs

⚠Kindly remarks the Confinement Sarong and Confinement Hat design to us⚠

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Baby Talk confinement caps are coming

Doctors recommend new mothers to cover their heads to prevent colds and fevers. This is because the pores of the mother's body open and make the immune system weak . So, using a confinement hat by Baby Talk can prevent headaches, dizziness, fainting, and other problems. There are 3 ways to use a confinement hat. First, by gathering all the hair in the hat. Second, you can pull out the ponytail on the back to make it look more comfortable and not boring. Finally, you can use it as a scarf and put it around your neck. 1 product with 3 functions is worth it for you .
(Remark:Can choose any design)