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Baby Talk 12.12 Crazy Promotion
Special edition high quality black beansprout husk Pillow A RM32
Infant ergonomic anti-rolling antibacterial pillow RM52
100% cotton 100% cool quilt RM62
High quality black beansprout husk  centering pillow ABC RM82
High-quality peas quilt + Pillow ABC + change set RM192
High-quality antibacterial cooling sensation Bellynest matt in bed RM222
Free Pillow A will be given randomly
Various multifunctional antibacterial breastfeeding pillow Watoru RM292
Free Randomly gift Bunny Comforting Towels

12.12 Special Offer Package 
"Promotional Package A"
Shapie pillow + Rabbit Comforter Toys [care pillow + peas comfort towel]
RM122 Free random free Pillow A (original price RM236)
"Promotional Package B"
Sarong x3 + Hat x 2 [confinement sarong + confinement hat]
RM132 Free Pillow A (original price RM191)
"Promotional Package C"
Minky Dot Blanket + Bellynest【High-quality Dot Blanket + Bionic Bed Bed】
RM322 Free random design of Pillow A (original price RM576)
"Promotional Package D"
Bellynest+Shapie pillow+Chubbie Bolster+Minky Dot Blanket+Pillow B [Bionic bed + nursing pillow + anti-roll pillow + high quality bean blanket + beansprout husk centering pillow B]
RM522 Free Pillow A (original price RM890)


Ergonomic Design Chubbie Anti-Roll Bolster Exclusive by Baby Talk
Flat and curved like the moon can give comfort to your baby
Imitating the mother's arms makes your baby feel safer
Unlike other pillows, your baby can hold the pillow tighter and not slip easily
Cushion material 100% cotton anti-sensitive leather

2 Types Chubbie Anti- Roll Bolster:Ordinary 'Kekabu'
100% pure original 'kekabu', without chemicals. We emphasize the cleanliness, safety, and price of our products. 
We are the only company that carries out an exclusive and powerful ultraviolet sterilization process to clean the

Anti-bacterial and anti-mite 'Kekabu'
A parent who is very concerned about hygiene or your child and sensitive skin problems. We introduce 
anti-mite and anti-bacterial version of 'Kekabu'. 
Safe to use and suitable for your child who has sensitive skin problems

Super Soft, Super Comfortable

Parents will be confident to use Baby Talk!


Cudding the embossed dots gives the babies a rich sensory feel which enhances their cognitive development and evokes their unknown potential. Sense of touch develops during the infabcy stage. The blanket’s 3D heat press foam design simulates a monther’s womb which encapsulates the babies’ whole body while gently massaging their surface skin. The ultra-soft fabricnot only protects your baby’s skin but also provides a sense of the mother’s touch, which helps to soothe the body’s emotions and imporve their sleep quality! Besides perfectfor sleeping, it also does a great job as a stroller mat and baby chair mat. A multipurpose and practical blanket, indeed! Our two-sided blanket design adopts the 3D compressed foam embossed dots that comes with 100% pure cotton anti allergy fabric.


Babytalk cutie rabbit baby comforter toys What is cutie rabbit baby comforter toys? Cutie rabbit baby comforter toys,is to comfort the baby. It is a newborn baby who relies on rubbing, grasping, pulling, and biting to solve the growth partner who desires psychological comfort after leaving the mother. It is the baby's first indispensable sensory function. The best playmate to soothe and stabilize the baby's crying mood! We use three-dimensional 3D pressed peas pellets exported to Europe and the United States, coupled with 100% cotton anti-sensitive fabric to create a double-sided design! The small size is more convenient for Mommy to carry in and out in her bag